Great Game, But Still Very Buggy

I love this game, but the more I play it, the more bugs I find. I decided to move up another level in difficulty since getting a full season of practice on PRO. Well the computer teams plays better now, but my team plays worse defense. They no longer react as quickly when the other team drives the basket. Instead of switching over to defend, they just watch the guy drive past and then after they're on the way to the basket they go after them. Total BS considering every time I drive to the basket, the opposing computer control team moves twice as fast to block my path to the basket. Instant replay shows all of this. If you are ahead by 10 or more points, your team will literally stop playing defense. even if you do ramp up your D, the computer will still shot an unrealistic 60-70% in the quarter. WTF. Meantime, I'll shoot 40-50%.Stick to opponent option is broken. My guys are always a god 5-8ft away from them, even with that option turned on.

In my season the Toronto Raptors are Rank 29th in the league, yet on opening day against my Celtics at home, they shot 65% for the half. LOL!! What!?!? I switch defense, double teamed and had at least 2 guys jumping in their face on jump shots and they were still hitting just about everything. If it didn't go in they were getting foul calls. The were up by 20 at halftime. 2K Sports really needs to go back and fix all these annoying bugs. The A.I. was good in Pro, but it seems the higher the difficulty is the less your CPU guys play and the faster your opponent CPU moves and plays. My other complaint is why are CPU players able to drive past you even when you're standing directly in front of them. When I try to do this myself an invisible force field seems to prevent me from getting around the CPU opponent. There seems to be NO Invisible force field around my players. This is total BS. The CPU will literally try to cheat, no matter how bad the teams rating is. There were guys on Toronto shooting 60%+ who probably never did that in a Pro game ever in real life. In the end I still beat the Raptors by 1 point on a 3 pt shots with 2.2secs remaining. It should have been an easy win considering how bad the team is ranked. There are still lots of other bugs with the stats, collision with body and ball, ball physics (ball hitting the right side of the rim, yet bouncing back to the left to go in. something that would never happen in real life,), dunks going into the basket and not counting and many, many other issues. I could easily submit to 2K Sports a 3 page report on all the bugs in this game. I won't even talk about the online mode. I  think they should spend the year fixing all the bugs and not even making an NBA 2K12 game. Fix the bugs, AI, and all the other crap and just give up a 2012 Roster and I'd be happy.


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I usually play with the Sacramento Kings and i had to turn the difficulty down to Superstar because Kings really do suck on this game.

In My Player mode your team are a bunch of retards. I LOVE calling for a pick and roll to get a pick with NO roll. Why even let me call for it if the idiot isn't even going to run the play?

I'm hoping the bugs have been fixed for NBA 2K12. I hope they fixed the GameTrack stats that for some reason leaves out Quarters 1 or 2, or both. This bug has been in GameTrack for 5 years and still hasn't been fixed. I'm still waiting for quarterly stats for team rosters. NBA Live have had quarterly stats for player for years, why doesn't NBA 2K games?

on the pick and roll call it but just dont pass drive to the basket since the cpu doesnt roll u have a wide open lane with the opposing big man behind u its an easy choice eventuakky the opposition will pick up on tht then yr big man will roll can u say ALLEY OOP