GREAT GAME!! But frame rate is still not as solid as it could be I don't think.

I know I'm kind of nitpicking but the frame rate in this game isn't up to the standards that the rest of the game sets. High standards I know but still, this map is much smaller than oblivion and it's a much newer engine. Look at rage or MW3.... those games run at 60 frames non stop. I know neither of those games have the size or scope of skyrim but I would at least like a feature like bioshock, which gives u the option to reduce texture quality in order to lock the frame rate. The smooth frame rate gives such a feeling of realism that you don't even notice the degraded textures(they weren't degraded much at all in bioshock). I personally would be willing to take a substantial drop in texture quality in exchange for a FULL TIME 60 frames per second. Anyone else feel this way or just me?

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Are you playing in third-person view?  It seems to make the frame rate drop significantly.

No I play primarily in 1st person. Although the 3rd person view is pretty insane this time around.

It might be resolved with a future patch...

Some people must be more sensitive than others about noticing frame rate issues.

I haven't noticed any problems at all with frame rate. I only play in 1st person mode though.

havent seen any slow down at all, are you playing on ps3 or pc? or just going from what you've seen?

Hmm interesting. I've been playing on PC with maxed settings and running at a smooth 60 FPS, with no hiccups (framerate issues) or slowdowns yet. I'll ask around to see if anyone else is having problems on the 360 version and look for a fix. Until then, perhaps clearing the cache?