Grapnel Boost Takedown?

Trying to finish up some of the Riddler Physical Challenges and having a bit a trouble with this one. I thought I just had to grapnel a ledge below an enemy and use boost but that doesnt seem to be working. Can anyone explain exactly how this works?


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You need to aim just a bit below the edge. Hold down the A button and you should automatically do the take down. Another thing that may help is getting their attention in some way. If you do that they'll stop patrolling and stand in one place...usually.

just like u said, but the person u are taking down has to be right next to the edge.. it will happen automatically if u aim right at the person

I think is the same you mentioned.

you can`t do it if the person is behind a rail.

go near the steel mill there are usually some guys round there.

it may work if you freeze the guy at the ledge first to make sure he stays in place.

make sure you have enough distance for the boost to kick in.