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How do you switch the graphics during cutscenes? I'm playing halo 1 and the graphics switching only seems to work during gameplay and going in to a cutscene it keeps whatever graphics I was using.


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In addition when I set the graphics to classic before launching a mission it loads with the remastered graphics anyway.

Halo 1 Anniversary cutscenes unfortunately were not able to be switched back and forth on the 360 version. Since the Xbox One version is a port of the 360 version, it would seem that the ability to switch has also not been implemented. I'm liking the Star Trek references in your gamertag, by the way, Dax!

You are correct. You are only able to switch graphics during gameplay and not during a cutscene. Unfortunately it is a glitch that will only allow you to view the cutscenes in the remastered graphics. I have not seen a communication from the dev stating this is a priority for them to fix.