Graphics suck - WTH?

Im sorry, but how can anybody think that the graphics in this game suck?  Are you playing in SD?  Blind?  TV/monitor on the fritz?  Not have the texture pack installed?  BF 3 offers some of the most beautiful graphics, Ive seen in a game, I dont know how anyone can say with a straight face these suck.


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yea the are pretty dam good. Large install for the game though but worth it.

I play on an SD and it still looks amazing. So I have no sweet clue where in the hell people are getting the idea that the graphics suck. It's incredible that people will complain about absolutely everything.

Best games to date!

The hardware is 5 years old... Did you really expect brand new gaming pc graphics?

I play in SD and I think they look great... I cant wait to play it on an actual HD tv.... I didnt expect them to match the PC, but as far as xbox is concerned it looks superb.

The Co-op and Campaign graphics are some of the best but MP is not nearly as good as some of you make it out to be.  

As long as you don't compare it to the PC version (which looks astonishing) they're damn good.

if you look at a screen shot of BF and compare it to other games its not huge, but the sheer amount of stuff happening in the game makes me not care.

also physics>graphics

Im not saying graphics are everything, Im just wondering how people can say these on BF 3 suck.

I have no HD TV and it hard to see players.