Graphical glitch/freeze problem when near water, VIDEO.

Hello everybody, here is my persistent problem: 

I am having freezes in areas with sea and waves, or too much falling water, namely the Storm Coast, Frostback Basin and the Flooded Cave in Crestwood. Graphics don't load, I see birds sitting on empty air, the audio gets all messed up and conversations are delayed, don't play, models are inanimate, saving takes forever, and the map becomes all black.  And I lose my party somewhere back, as if they hit an invisible wall and cant get through. Kinda like if I'm in Ogrimmar in a Very High Population server... This happens ONLY where there's water, for example the Storm Coast is playable as normal everywhere else except the shore. Frostback Basin (the DLC area) is generally almost unplayable. The Flooded Cave doesn't load its insides I see starry skies above and turquoise cubes in black void below, and even after more than an hour wait, when a little bit of the waterfall has rendered if I have my back turned, and I can progress to the mouth of the cave, it crashes at that point entirely. 

I have done soft restarts, hard restarts, cleared persistent memory, various times and in different sequences. I am still having the glitch. I also deleted all my autosaves as someone suggested and still nothing. I am not getting any reply from Bioware/EA and I really want this problem to be solved, as I can't progress in the game. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can do that?

I took a vid last night of my latest play-through during the conversation with Iron Bull in the Storm Coast. See for yourselves.

I have the game disc, and I bought the DLCs from the Store. Please, anyone, you're my only hope... :(


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Also, could this be a console problem? Can they tell me that my console is malfunctioning and it's producing this?