Grand Theft Auto IV DLC

I assume I'm going to get a 'stupid question' comment, but here goes..

I've downloaded both "Lost and the Damned" and "Ballad of *** Tony" DLC. I have the GTV IV game. How do I access to play the DLC?


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Were you prompted to play it when you first downloaed it? If so, then you might have a saved game. Check your saved games through the LOAD screen. Select the one that pertains to the correct episode. If that doesn't work, Check your phone; there should be an option called "SWITCH/CHANGE EPISODE". If that doesn't work, there should be an option in the START MENU. If that doesn't work I don't know. I have them downloaded as weel, but I access them through my saved games.

P.S: No question is stupid on a forums ;)

Just incase others were wondering (not sure if you have got it working yet)

You can go in to the pause menu & go to the last tab across the top, choose new game & it should ask you which content you want to do.

Once you have started one & have made a save you can then play any of them from loading a previous save.

Im having a really hard time trying to play ballad of**** tony cause i have downloaded it but it wont let me play it and i have tryed everything LengendOfGta has said and nothing as worked

Jman, you might have to re-download the DLC. Can you play TLAD? If you can, you should get an option that says CHAGE EPISODE on your phone. Otherwise, do what Darce Commander said and START A NEW GAME.

It's pretty stupid that the word G A Y is blocked - is it supposed to be something bad?! Xbox is discriminative against G ays!!! :O lol

I'm having a hard time playing thru TBoGT single player again on my new [slim] console. There is a very new phenomenon that is making the game totally unplayable. After I finish "hanging out" with Armando & Henrique, I drop them off, then one of them calls me less than 10 seconds later to "hang out"! This is non - stop, every 10th second of not hanging out, one of them calls me and asks to "hang out", even though i've tried saying yes, saying no, and rejecting the "phone call", it never stops, and it is literally every ten seconds!!! I've played thru the game before and know that this is NOT how the game is programmed to behave. It normally takes a bare minimum of 60 minutes of gameplay before one of them calls, not 10 seconds! This started about halfway thru the Luis Lopez campaign, only a week (and about 7 hours of usage) after I cleared the Xbox system cache!! This console is pretty much brand new (a nice slim one, less than 6 months old! Played thru it before on an old, white, non-slim, 360 console, that had RROD after 3-and-a-half years, I replaced it with this black slim one in Dec 2011). I'm starting to want my money back, 300 for the console and 180 for the Best Buy store's warranty. I'm very angry.

Turn your phone's SLEEP MODE ON then if it annoys you that much.

I'll try that, hopefully it lets me finish the main story again.

LTDrider4Life, if you activate SLEEP MODE, the mission-givers will stop giving you missions through the phone. I only said that because it sounded like you were annoyed at friends asking you to do activities with them all the time.