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So last night they put out in update for GOWUE and they said that the Gnasher would be more consistent and they fixed some stuff that needed it. Well I don't know about everyone else but the Gnasher is still not connecting shots and the game play feel slightly different. People still sponging shots and when there down it take more than one shot to kill them. At one point I was behind a guy shooting him then next second he took my head off with the Gnasher. Another guy tossed frags heard and saw the frag bounce once and again I died.


With all the hype and improvements this game has gone through I wish more than anything that the online would be and stay consistent. Does anyone else feel that the gameplay is not better if not slightly worse than before the update.


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I wish they had a no shotgun playlist! EVERYBODY using the same gun takes all of the fun out of the game for me!

I was wondering about the update.  I have been hearing from friends that play that it is still very inconsistent.  A lot of bullet sponging.  And then the headshots that happen that should not.  Have seen some terrible videos of this.

I also realized at different times I was on both side of this.  My oldest son however, tends to be on the good side of the bullet sponge and crazy headshots.  He is not much good at Gears and never played it a whole lot and he can flat dominate the other team at times.  We all pretty much quit playing.

I was behind a guy shooting him while he aimed and killed 2 teammates who where shooting him.  I was real close but not right on top of the player.  And the player takes both teammates out, eats my bullets as well, rolls, and kills me with a single shot that appeared to be way off.  Saw this player down a teammate the same way with a melee after rolling and the melee actually did not hit on our screens.  So not sure there.

All pre-patch so I was hoping to hear the patch fixed some of these things.


Downloaded the update last  night and played for awhile.  Game seem "off".  Wish I could describe it better.  Didn't feel like bad lag more like the game was running really slow.  

Last night when I launched the game a message popped up saying "update 2" and had the same message as last update. The game felt the same but I don't understand how a lobby that has a great connection for 5 straight matches with the same people can turn to crap with bullet sponging, one shot gnasher kills and people not getting downed after 4-5 body shots. I even had a teammate asking me if I saw how this one guy would not go down for anything.