just to note im amazed about how many people are complaining about this game KNOWING everything about this game was released months in advance, with that being said lets see why its DEFINITELY a great game


- making TDM score based was brillant, allows us to keep on playing until the very end, always being able to spawn in until the match is over
- allowing for just 2 weapons, means no more spamming of particular weapons constantly, you chose the best primary AND GO plus the snub
  pistol is really good
- adding new grenade types, spot & health are great additions, there vital for great team work
- NO STOPPING POWER, i love that, keeps the game moving at a faster pace
- THE ADDITION OF FREE-FOR-ALL self explanatory
- Overrun really great addition for the "in and out type players" gow3 horde was great but WAY to long and people had a big tendency to drop out
  when it started getting more difficult BUT they should have kept horde mode but just lowered the levels to like 25
- the added weapons are a little tricky to get use to but are really good additions
- no weapons seems over-powered
- the prize boxes are a great addition i wish i knew exactly what to do to get particular weapons though

9 good points why this game is GREAT, more to add when i remember, and remember this is only MY opinion

If others agree add your 2 cents and i will update this page as more comes in!


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LOL the haters could complain if they wouldn't just purchase the game blindly.    knowing the game came with only 4 game modes and 8 maps.  The demo a told me that 2 of the game modes were going to be horrible.  the early reviews told me that the campaign was interupted to much by a stats screen.   therefore i saved my money.    and even though i have no need to complain.  i completely agree with the people who dislike it.    people can fly (MOD REMOVED)

Why does everyone just assume that everyone who likes gears and bought this game spent the last 6 months in front of a computer researching this game down to the last detail? No, I love gears, paid some attention to anything major (knew some changes were coming, nothing this major), and bought the game expecting it to half resemble the franchise I loved. Now, I don't HATE this game the way a lot of people seem too, but the MP is not GoW anymore by a long shot. As far as all these changes, my question is "why?". The last 2 games took the the previous game's MP and tweaked it, added to it, and refined it. This made for fresh, exciting games each time without having to completely reinvent the wheel... And people loved it. So my question is "why?". Why such drastic changes when you could have played it safe and smart and kept pretty much everyone happy?

Note: my complaints are 100% MP related - the campaign is great.

lmao! trolling wow! seriously, so lets see what categorized me as trolling? im hearing nothing but bad reviews about the game im just stating some positive things, what's the problem