GOW3 - Your fixes

Just a simple topic to discuss the little things that you think need fixed for the actual game, and how to fix them...


1. Mantle Kick - Too inconsistent. I'd rather them just get rid of it, but if anything, make it so that you still receive damage, but are not stunned.


2. Sawed Off - Honestly I think its fine for the most part. I heard someone on here say that it shouldnt have the ability to down someone....I think thats a good idea.


3. Retro Lancer - I think the biggest reason this gun is so successful is because of the stopping power....for some reason the stopping power when using this gun is far better than the Lancer or Hammerburst's. Perhaps they could tweak that a little? Other than that I think its fine


4. CTL - smokes should not be able to drop the leader out of your arms.....very stupid in my opinion.


5. Ghost spawns - this is something I thought of playing COD....I think maybe the first 5 or 10 seconds out of spawn, teammates should be able to run through eachother like ghosts.....this would avoid all of the clumping together situations that happen every single round.


What are your guys' thoughts?


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Take the down off of the SO, either a slight damage/range/stopping power nerf for the Retro. Nades have to be lil more consistent when thrown. Mantle kick should only work if right up on cover. Make ink nades better? No problems with CTL or spawns. Re=spawning mates should give you a countdown, so you in better position to respond.

Mantle kick - should only work if you are against cover

Sawed-Off - should never down you but just be an instant gib from melee range

Ink greneade -should be stronger

Pistols - all are too weak and need a buff

Scorcher - needs a buff

Lancer -needs a buff

Planted Frags- should not blow up when smoke is thrown at them

CTL - when holding the leader smoke grenades should not make you drop the leader

CTL- when the game starts the leader should not have to wait to play

Players that down an enemy should always get credit for the kill while the player who kills the enemy who is down gets the assist.

Give the mantle-kick a 2 second charge in order for it to work. (Maps have too much cover, makes it easy to abuse)

Decrease the SO spread by 1/3.

That's literally all they should change.







Smoke is fine in CTL.

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Nothing. Nada. Nill. Zero

The game is amazing the way it is ... although I would love to see Guardian back. We used to destroy kids on it !!

Mantle Kick - I liked the old ' over the cover fights' but im getting used to it and sort of like it now. It should stay.

Retro - Needs a reduce on damage ( just a bit ) and it should have less recoil WHEN AIMING but sacrafice hipfiring accuracy for it. ( Impcease accuracy when aiming but make it impossible to get a kill when hip spraying )

Sawn off - Get rid of down, reduce spread. ( Or Improve it and make it a power weapon )

Stopping power - I personally hate stopping power but they wont get right of it so meh

Only a few minor tweaks... ( But I wish people would stop using the SO/ Retro )

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I like the original list, except the CTL smoke part. Some rounds would be done in a matter of 30-60 seconds if they took out the smoke grenades.

For example, if your leader is stupid and gets captured on Old Town near the enemy's spawn, and your team spawns on the opposite side: round over.

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