GOW3 will not run off of hard drive

I install all of the games I regularly play on my hard drive so I won't have to put up with the sound of a space shuttle launching whenever I'm playing (I sit fairly close to the Xbox).  I just finished installing GOW3 and it installs successfully, but when I start the game, the disc spins up and stays running at mach 5 while I'm playing.  I've tried deleting the install and reinstalling, but was met with the same result.  I have a falcon Xbox if that matters.


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well, the game uses a new compression technique that packs 17GB of data in a disc so it may have compatibility issues...

the game just launched so that's to be expected.

I think that the games that uses the new disc format will continue spin for about half a minute after launching the game.

Yup, mine quieted down after a minute or so.

gears of war 3 uses the new tech

Mine did this as well but did quiet down after a minute or two.  Having said that, it hasn't done this every time, in fact only once or twice.

The new format could have something to do with it, although I would expect it to be more consistent than that?

As the others have said it's because of the new DVD technology. It should stop after a minute or two unless you have a modified DVD drive (seen a few people with modified drives complain about this).

Mine runs as quiet as a mouse after installing. I un-installed Crysis 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction for Gears 3.

Mine boots from the disk to start wiv, once I'm in a game mode it  runs from the HDD, takes about 5 mins for the drive to stop.

had a friend install last night with no issues