GOW3 Multiple (Five +) Freezes during single Standard Horde

Game Type: Standard Multiplayer Horde (began 09-2011)

Location: All maps (including DLC)

Party: Two Xbox 360’s, Shared IP (TWC ISP, **** Touchstone Data Gateway DG860A via Cat6 cable) 100mps downstream/5.6mps upstream. (Note: This behavior has occurred connecting through three different ISP’s, three different Xboxes, via Cat5E, Cat6 and wireless, Open NAT and Moderate NAT)

How many in party: At least 2 (one on each Xbox), more if friends “Join Game”

How did you join: Initial is X: Friends-Join, also, join button in party panel

How did you leave: As per topic ‘Freeze’, otherwise, via game menu to Live and always finish with Active Downloads to Sync Cloud Saves.

Ranked or Public or Both?: In general, always in Standard, Public Horde

Was this in your first match or after transition?: Usually occurs (but not always) at waves 40+, and during Horde action or at the recap and Horde Wave Transition screen.

What was happening right before the issue occurred?: Nothing, no precursors, Please Note: The two Xboxes Freeze at different times or more commonly only one is affected.This has also occurred regularly with each Xbox on a discreet ISP connection.  

What is your NAT type?: OPEN

Game Media: GOW3 DVD, DVD stored onto 320GB HDD, and GOW3 Digital Download to HDD.

*This behavior does not occur during any other Xbox title multiplayer gaming with regularity.


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