GOW Judgement Launch

Did you ever want to join a clan...?
Did you ever want to feel what it is like to compete...?
Do you want to seize that opportunity right now?!

Then join KO today! For the past few months we have been building a GOW division in preparation for Judgement. With the launch of Judgement, there will be many tournaments and competitions NOT including GameBattles. This is your chance to take over an entire game. We plan on participating in as many of those competitions as we can, even GameBattles. So right now is the time to join KO. We are The Known Outlaws. And that is exactly what we will be...KNOWN You can look us up at:

- theknownoutlaws.com
- joinKO.enjin.com

Our requirements for joining are:

- Must respect leadership
- Must be 18+
- Must have a working mic
- Must keep up with all DLC
- Name change is required

If you fill these requirements, visit our website and click on the "join" tab. After your application is accepted you must post an introductory post as all recruits must do. If youre familiar with forums, this will all be very very easy for you. If you are looking to play, KO will be on tonight ( Friday 2/21/13 ) anywhere after 9 pm EST. So if youre interested, add my GT, KO Hazel, on XBL and we can play tonight. If you apply on the site, you will have many KO to play with before I get on. So remember, Judgement is right around the corner, this is seriously your chance to compete. If you join and want competition, I WILL get it for you. Hope to hear from you soon.

GOW Divison LeaderKO Hazel


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