Gow 3 beta unlocks / hard drive

I played the gow 3 beta through the bulletstorm EE and my hardrive got messed up and i bought a new 1 on sept. , when gow 3 came out my beta unlocks werent there , please help


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if your hard drive got messed up , then you're out of luck.  your unlocks were dependent upon the game save being there.

i tried calling but was put on hold for over 25 mins so i hung up

theres no point looking at the epic forums we are just *** out of luck and if you call microsoft they put you through a bunch of crap like recovering your gamertag to try and help but other than that we are all *** out of luck. I transferred everything over no problems to my new console to only turn it on to have it tell me that all my files are now corrupt . gotta love spending all that cash to have your *** get corrupt and no beta unlocks

hey man, watch it with the language, there are *whispers*moderators in the room. if your save is corrupt, epic can't help you, IIRC, and if you deleted it, then there is really nothing for you to do about it..