GoW 2 on demand question

im thinkin of buying gears 2 on demand to avoid a 2nd encounter with the f*cking DRE's but i noticed the game description has this:

Multiplayer: none.   Co Op: none.

so i am asking the xbox+gears community.....does gears 2 on demand have all the multiplayer options that the disk version has? i dont want to waste 20 dollars and find out i cant play horde, online matches and my all fronts maps.

also, does the "on demand" version have co op? im about a month overdue of doing campain on hard/insane with a friend lol.


any answers i will appreciate ;)  cuz im missing me gears 2 like something. and no want wait 2 months to get a 2nd disk from gamestop risking another DRE.


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I wouldn't know about the on demand stuff but why not go to a Gamestop (or somewhere else that sells games)? they're cheaper there being around $15 (tax added). Also you can buy a pre-owned at Best Buy for $12.98 (that is shipping included). if you want i can send you a message showing you where to go for the price. Goodluck getting the game, it truely was fun, except for multiplayer. Those were the only achievements i was missing on old account.

I have gears of war 2  on demand and yes it dose have multiplayer on there and online co-op its pretty good since i  dont have to put in a game disc inside my xbox i can just  go to my hard drive and press  play  and oh i own 4  games on games on demand