GOW 2 Horde / Main Campaign Help offered & Needed

After playing so many games, I have decided that now was a good time to come back to the earlier GOW games and go for the achievements I never had nor could get on my own. I mostly need help on the HORDE & Campaign modes. More specifically the Insane mode for campaign and the remaining horde achievements that I do not have. I am ready to help any one on any gears game for their help in return. I am currently working on Gears 2 for the time being. And I am always online. Well majority that is. And if any one is interested in adding me, please do me 2 small favors.

1. Have a mic and use it. I am getting tired of playing with people with have mics but never use them. Last time I checked this is a team game which requires team communication. Anyways most of the people I play with on horde always send me messages during a wave. So I end up pausing the game to answer their messages. Which makes the other players mad. So please use your mic if you have one.

2. Seeing how I decline alot of friend requests from people I do not know, I merely ask who ever adds me to please put say that you met me here on the GOW2 forum on xbox.com. That way I know it's some one that is responding to my posts or topics.

As for help on other gow games, I am always ready to help out. But could use some help too. Anyways if any one is interested in helping one another. Then feel free to add Myth1c Dragon to their xbox live friends list.

Have a good day / night wherever you are.


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If I still had my Xbox and was Gold, I's help you out. Especially since I have a few I haven't done yet. Hope you find some help soon.

add me all of u i'm in