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i know i am very late on the Borderlands scene :p but i just got the GOTY edition and what i want to know is before i start playing, is it wise to download all of the extra content right from the off or leave it for later? i don't want to spoil anything and i am not in a rush to play the dlc just want to know if i should install it all now.

also this Duke Nukem early access code, the demo has yet to come out right?


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you will get better guns if you do it from the get go like i did and you will level up faster

this will be better when you do the 2nd play at the higher levels.

You can DL them but personally, I'd do the main game with 2 playthroughs and then go from there.  I don't even know if the DLC maps would be available when you first start the game. 

I would get them right away, the storage in the underdome helps as well faster leveling and higher level for play through 2

I'd go for it right away as well. Besides having the underdome storage, it's more fun to just play right through. Instead of getting done with the original game then having to wait for the DL to finish.

Underdome has a Bank for Extra Storage of gear, Tbone Junction Will require a Level 35+ character to play but there are 2 red chests available to loot high end weapons to sell for cash. Zombie Island and the Clap Trap invasion and be played at any time. The game is designed to play through 2 times all quests repeat. I wouldn't start any of the extra content till the second play through or even third with the exception of going to Underdome to use the Bank Storage.

don't forget you don't have to finish the game before doing the zombie island expansion......and it is seriously funny

this post answers my question for me, I just bought the GOTY edition yesterday and was wondering the exact same thing

thanks for the answers

i played about only a bit yesterday and i already like the world, its cool how the game doesn't force you to go forward or restrict where you go, i was already collecting ammo and cash within first minutes.

there has been no prompt about any DLC on quest line but i assume it pops up when you visit a certain place or talk to someone, i will just concentrate on playing through game and see what happens.

also i am thinking this game wants you to grind quite a bit? because some quests are about two levels ahead of you.

As far as I know, there are no prompts for DLC missions (ala Fallout 3).  But they are available, if installed, via the Fast Travel stations.

Fast Travel for the main game areas are not enabled until completing a certain Dahl Headlands (story-line) mission.  However, the DLC travel points are enabled immediately.  Once you travel to the DLC area (via Fast Travel), then you may the DLC prompt (differ by game).  As others have already stated, visiting the UnderDome for the bank is very useful -- you do not need to even start its missions to use the bank.  Also, the vending machines occasionally have good, high-level equipment.

I would also suggest visiting T-Bone Junction (Secret Armory) once you've got at a fair amount of cash available -- if you want to bypass some ammo SDU upgrades, you can visit here to jump to the second highest level (at $223,286 each).  I would recommend avoiding any Secret Armory missions until you've leveled up a bit -- they'll kill you in a heartbeat.  Note: The final ammo SDU level is not available until completing the Secret Armory story-line missions.

the expansions start by fast traveling to locations, the zombie island one doesn't really have a place in the time line and i believe it adjusts to your level.

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