GOTY edition question

So my friend wants me to get this game and with no incentive to play again after i have already 100% this game i was wondering if the GOTY edition counts as a seperate game.


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It's not like Batman:AA ( you can get the same achievement 2x Vanilla version & GotY version). Double check with ''

@Shootme72 I did mention the 4 DLC packs are included in the GOTY edition.  The DLCs are on a separate disc.  I bought the DLCs separately (I have the original game), and have those 4 areas, and level 69 as well.

the weapons yes but i think he was asking if it was a separate game to get achievements on.

actually the non goty ed.... includes the main story line and the side misions to go with it and it only allows you to reach level 50. When you get the goty ed.... you get four new areas and a level cap of 69 and the ability to use more powerfull weapons  at level 69 the four new areas are jacobs cove ,moxxies underdome ,tartus station ,and tbone junction and it adds a ton of new quests and side missions.

My friend has GOTY edition, and it is exactly the same as the non GOTY game I have.  The only difference is the GOTY has a map of Pandora, and all DLCs included.  Missions, weapons, all of that are the same.  I took her all the way through, and no changes.

nope. it doesnt if your thinking games for windows live i looked at live enabled u using gamespy same as the one from steam but the difference is the one steam has achievements enabled controller as well -ported to console its decent an average pc could play it.