Gotham City Imposters!?

Ugh I just found this on IGN and i really hope it is a joke. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Gotham City Imposters


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I heard about that game a year or so ago.  The trailer was pretty funny.  Its a downloadable title and looks a little interesting.  If it gets a demo I'll give it a try.

Yeah, I read about that one a few months ago and rolled my eyes a bit too.  Perhaps this is something geared towards the younger ones for the Batman franchise has definitely gone more adult oriented with both the games and movies in recent years...:-)

Maybe but i would hope when you say "Young" you mean 17 lol because i have a feeling this will be rated M as there is Language and probably more bad stuff. Me ill stick with the Classic Batman and stay with the Arkham games.

It is weird though the the people wanting to be batman are using guns when we all know Batman never using a gun. Now the Joker imposters well they fit him well lol.

I'm actually looking forward to this. It's a fully-customizable FPS somewhat related to Batman, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

I don't read comics(anymore), but Im pretty sure Batman has used a gun before.  Im pretty sure that was before I was alive though and Im 28.

In the first episode of 'Batman Beyond' ("Rebirth Part 1"), an older Batman (Bruce Wayne) is knocked nearly unconscious and reaches for a thug's gun.  He points it directly at the thug, but with his "misplaced sense of rightiousness" he turns and runs.  Afterwards he hangs up the suit and declares "never again".  If he's used a gun before, I don't think that it was on a person...:-)  

It was back in the time around when Batman was introduced in Detective Comics when he used a gun.  He used to carry one I think.  Don't know if he ever shot anyone, but he has shot the a gun to signal the cops.  I don't think any of that is considered cannon anymore though.

BEAST, I think you mean his Grapple gun. Lol i have no idea. but i really doubt that Batman/Bruce would use the gun to kill some one.

@Arkham99 i think i saw that episode.