Got turned into a vampire help

I got turned into a vampire somehow, every time it's daylight it says my blood is boiling so I look up help online and it says to go meet Falion in Morthal and he can cure it but when I went there and he along with all the guards in town started attacking me, it didn't give me any speech options. And also every town I go into the townspeople start attacking me. Is there any way around it now?


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Always found it interesting how this isn't very well understood.


First off, the longer you're a vampire without feeding on someone (Sneak + A when they're asleep) the more pronounced your vampirism is going to be. Past a certain stage you get attacked on sight. You'll need to feed on someone at night then go in to town the next day.


Secondly, you got turned into a vampire by being attacked by one. They pass the disease on to you. You can cure it at this stage by activating a shrine or taking a Cure Disease Potion. After a certain time (three or so days, I believe) the disease becomes full-blown vampirism and you need to cure it via Falion/whoever. It gets its own quest because you can no longer just use a shrine/potion.


Thirdly, as your vampirism gets more and more pronounced, your vulnerability to the sun also gets more and more dangerous. You can't rest or sleep in the daylight once you start taking damage.


For your particular problem you're going to want to sneak up on someone and feed at night, then go and see Falion as soon as possible.

Thanks to you. It was a pain in the *** going into towns and being attacked every time.

You need to ask a bartender about rumors to find out about a Falion in Morthol. Then travel to Morthol (it will not be easy going there as a vampire) in stage four vampire.this is the only way Falion will agree to cure that and you'll need a black soul gem for the cure. Hope this helps.

I had this happen to me, WITHOUT being attacked by a vampire, unless Serana fragged me while we were having it out with a nest of bandits. I can't remember the name of the mission (been away from Skyrim a while), it was in a tall, huge cavern with a big lake in the middle of it and an island in the middle of the lake. I posted about at the time, last fall.

I had no viable save prior to entering the cavern, so I kept reverting back to a save from just moments before I first got the red screen and message about my vampiric powers fading. No matter how many times I reloaded and how far I stayed from Serana, I would always change into a vampire, and be too far along to cure myself. Finally I just had Serana change me into a vampire prior to randomly changing and then skedaddled for Morthal and Falions cure after completing the mission was over.

Good luck zedop!