Got "perma banned" from Halo Wapoint lol

Haha omg I just got perma banned because I made a thread asking if anyone was from Bnet lol. Nope I didn't attack for say anything aggressive, just asked "Hey anyone from :D".

Seriously  what kind of web team do they have? lol. It's quite funny.


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Surely there must have been more to it then that.

No I'm not joking, that is all I said. Asked if anyone was from a different forum then my thread gets locked and I'm banned for a few thousand years. No previous offences either.

Are you using an alternate account?


No I'm not, I do live in a house with more than one xbox user but I only have 1 account.

[quote user="BIGB EC"]

Are you using an alternate account?



Its always funny when cheaters get exposed #BANHAMMER