Got Hardened Edition for Xbox one and standard for 360, Season pass only works For the Xbox one.

Why can't I get the 360 to install for the season pass.  Used the code from the Hardened edition of the Xbox one on the Xbox one Console. when i try to download to the 360, it says i need to pay for it. I Guess it only works for upgrade season pass not the other way around. I use both games because most my friends didn't get the new console and when the clan is online on 360 i like to play the 360 version with them. I don't want to pay twice for the Season Pass. 


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Sorry to hear about this but if you would have put it on the 360 you could have transferred it to the one for free. I do not think you can go back and forth being an upgraded system.

It should be seeing its xbox live and the code came with the xbox one game and only worked for the xbox one console.  I should be able to get it for 360 also.

Thanks Voodoo Dream for your thoughts.

Those aren't even thoughts, they've said that from the beginning. If you redeem it on the 360 it will go to the One, but not the other way around. Infinity Ward even tells people to do that, even if they don't plan on playing on the 360.