Got all wild artifacts but still one gate closed


I have collected all wild artifacts but still have one more gate to open. Is there a way to fix this?

I have double checked all locations 10 times (yeah I'm serious) using 3 different guides but there is nothing. I have closed the gate to see if they only appear then but with no success. And yes the casino artifact is also taken.

Please I really need your help as I don't want to play the game all over again to get 1000 points for this.


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Did you check the Historia Crux to see where you need to open a gate? Unopened gates appear as silver while the ones you've already opened are shown in gold.

Did you purchase the one from Serendipity at the Chocobo Races?

have you done the paradox endings ? I am only asking because I did one last night and it unlocked another location to see the paradox ending. I don't want to say any more as I could be giving out spoilers ;)

Thanks for the replies and trying to help. Unfortunately it doesn't help me as it is one unopened gate (silver gate) and the one in the serendipity is purphased.

The one that is yet to be open is the one in Archylte steppe. I have unsealed the gate but still need a wild artifact that I haven't got. Anyone else got that problem and somehow solved it?


ok either you didnt collect all 10 WILD artifacts or you didnt defeat the 3 giant cactars / find the cactar waystones


bresha ruins 005 af

bresha ruins 300 af

oreba 200 af

sunleth waterscape 300 af

archylte steppe ??? af

agusta tower 200 af

academia 4xx af

yachas massif 100 af

a dying world 700 af

and serendipity

ive also mistaken the close gate artifacts as the wild ones so make sure

I have all done all the cactuar things, but thanks anyway. I appreciate that you guys trying to help out :)

I guess there isn't a common problem and I will double check all the places 20 times more if I have to. I will keep you updated :)

I finally got it.

It was onsunleth waterscape.

I have watched the youtube video like 10 times and went through all places as many today. I was looking on wrong side all the time. A very big fail but at least I have it now :D

thats good lol