Got all the achievements! Final thoughts...

First post!

Finally got the 10K melee damage achievement and beat it under House to wrap up the 60/60 for New Vegas. This is my favorite "broken" game of all time. There are so many game-breaking bugs, freezing/clipping issues and strange technical glitches, but taken as a whole, the game is fantastic. There's only four real ways to end the game, but it feels so much more open than that. Great job, developers.

With that said, Dead Money was terrible. Instant fail states have no place in a game like this. Way too many story contrivances. Companions would not shut up. Even the Sierra Madre casino was just a small side show to the dull town you spend most of the time in. Honest Hearts made up for it though. To find the Burning Man still alive was really cool. (Though I wish he would of had a bigger reaction when I told him I personally killed Caesar.) I cared about the characters and the open space to explore was much better than Dead Money's narrow town.

Overall? Totally worth every penny, bugs and all.

Can't wait for the Big Empty!


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I agree with everything you said. Dead Money was a dissapointment to me and just not fun at all but the rest of the game is a wonderous joy. I just picked up Honest Hearts and look foward to exploring all those canyons. The scenary is beautiful and unlike DM i'm finally out in the open again without a bomb collar on my neck dictating my every move.

I didn't like Dead Money that much the first time I played it, Now I've played through it 3 times though, I can safely say I enjoyed it a lot, I actually prefered it to Honest Hearts tbh.

Can't wait for the next dlc now.

yes, dead money can be a serious pain in the @$$, but really to me it's not that hard to get all achievments. with the exception of hardcore, i had to start over multiple times to get it just right

Getting all the Fallout achievements feels good doesn't it! :)

I'd have to say that I enjoyed getting all the achievements more in this game than Fallout 3. The 10k pt totals for damage and health, the use of multiple endings, it really boosts the replay value when unlocking the last achievement demands creating a melee focused fighter rather than trying to use my uber character to pursue it. I really hope, though, the achievements are a lot harder to reach in OWB, since getting all of the new DLC's achievements took me 2 hours and one reload of the last decision. I'd like to have to take 2 or 3 times as much effort to achieve the same result in OWB.