gooser to 5 update

when does this update come out. im stuck at 11/50 and im probably not going to play unless they do something to make it easier.

I don't think its very nice on the other hand sitting in the back of ur team waiting for them to kill titans that eject which you try to shoot down. which leads most of the time to your team losing.

there should be a option to still do the challenge but there should be no recognizable rewards. something that gives them an advantage. like 5 card slots increase or whatever because that bull.

I think that someone radioing you and ejecting and shooting him out of the air should count. but it doesn't which is ***. instead only you radioing titans and them ejecting counts.

might be rage but *** this challenge its the gaying thing ive ever seen and done in a video game and ive done a lot of bad challenges but this is by far the worst


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First off bad grammar, Second I agree with you. This challenge was poorly thought out. While trying to achieve this my team paid for it bad and I myself gave up on it because I was tired of my team losing. I'm really glad they are changing it to 5, That's gonna make it doable for your "casual" gamer as well as giving a little bit of a challenge to the hardcore ones (which are the minority).

I'm stuck at 6/50. not a casual gamer @dazed high. I've put in over 83 hrs. sorry bro

5/50 >< lol

Geez dude. Are you getting frustrated like me!

They posted on Twitter no eta yet

Am at 7/50 and its annoying me

What does completing this challenge unlock?

Regen 6

Just got another gooser with the arc cannon

I'm stuck on 25 ATM. Put in god knows how much time.

11/50 still screw this lol ill just go play bf4 until they update this. casual gamer yeah right that has nothing to do with how retarted this challenge is. ive spent almost 2 days trying to get goosers and have purposely sat in the back of my team while they lose and lose and lose or I just keep joining lobbies until I get a stacked team that steamrolls teams. but that doesn't stop auto eject which is impossible to hit them cloaked and it also doesn't help that only a couple of the maps are suited for this challenge

I managed to get 15 last night playing capture the flag, Most of them are in my game clips,