Google. New Handheld or Leading Phone/App Games Publisher?

So with recent news of Google acquiring Motorola (soon to be, whatever)... It wouldn't be too surprising if they made a move to get in on the game developing front with a handheld. But the way things have been going with this generation's handheld trend being increasingly domainant with the iPhone and Windows Phone 7, it may be a smarter move to put their energy into that instead of taking a risk of putting out another handheld on the market. What do you guys think? Moreover, does anyone seeing the cell phone replacing haldheld gaming consoles altogether??


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Google have been part of the phone market for quite some time with the Android phone, their acquisition of Motorola is just an extension of that.  

As for you question: "Does anyone see the cell phone replacing haldheld gaming consoles altogether?".  Yeah, I do.  The Nintendo 3DS is a great handheld system, but it's experiencing lacklustre sales.  The PS Vita isn't getting anywhere near the hype and interest that the PSP got before it was launched.  That, and the fact that phone games are cheap, and easier to make, even if they are technically inferior.  They are more profitable. 

I'm thinking of getting a Windows Phone 7 since my current phone is going kaput.