Goodbye old friend...

April 11, 2006 to August 11, 2011. 

A pretty good run.  I managed to sink 400+ hours into this game by the end of 2006.  I'll never have the time to do something like that again.  Loved every minute.  This game was THE online shooter for the 360 the summer of '06.  So much fun.


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*** bull ***. This game is one of the only old games that has a consistent population. They are closing this but not some of the **** older games. This was one of the reasons why I actually re-bought an Xbox.

Yeah an absolute Masterpiece in gaming. Quality kits vs vehicle balances, ultimate skill being displayed in the air. on the ground or dodging lasers in the tanks. Best community ever on one of the steepest learning curve games with unlimited strats. Everyones been waiting for a successor but none have arrived, or got close to this games magic. Bye bye old friend. The best game ive had the pleasure of playing. Many crew still my friends today and reps formed on this classic and stellar title - bon voyage!

My favorite game far. I put wayyyy to many hours into BF2MC.

I haven't had XBL in like 2 years but I'm gonna be getting it again in almost exactly a month (when school starts) and I'm for sure buying BF3. I prolly won't play it nearly as much as I once did, but I'm still kinda hoping to get some clan matches in.

Anyone else from BF2 goin to BF3? Salt and Tackled are the first 2 people from MC I've seen in like 2 years.

There will never be another game like BF2: MC, I'm glad i got to play it in its prime.

Clan servers, a tight community where everyone knew each other (or hated each other ha), and honestly, all the little glitches and weird quirks (like stacking 2 landmines on top of each other to make them near indestructible) is what made the game fun. I don't think any game will come close because they don't make them like this anymore. BF2 had a real community that I have yet to find in any other games.

Im gonna be hitting it hard for the last few days

One of the best FPS games ever... I wish it didn't have to go.

There will never be such a balanced game as this ever. This game took SKILL not noob perks and had clan support before it was deemed "racial" Even on the origional xbox this game was amazing. I heart bf2mc more than my gf...............................shhhhhhhhhhhhh dont tell

It's a shame. This game was the best that the 360 ever had to offer.



How can we see how many hours I played this game....I'm real bummed too

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