Good Work Well Done

Started playing another game - it's been awhile - and discovered new rooms in bleak falls barrow.  It is wonderfull to see these small treasures that you have added to the game.  Thank you and well done!


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That is one of the beauties of Skyrim. You think you've found it all, then you play from the beginning and uncover something new.

Yep, through all the characters I have made for Skyrim I tried to start out in different paths and always found something new I hadn't seen before.

Even places you have seen look completely new when you come at them from a different direction. It can make dragon lairs and other outside battles new again. It was one of my last characters who discovered the best approaches for me to take both Halted Stream Camp and Valtheim Tower nearly 2 years after I was there the first time.

It's great how after a little time away can make the experience so good. I enjoy coming back to a game like Skyrim or Fallout after a decent spell away and find everything so fresh and exciting.

I haven't played this game since January and for some reason today I decided to pop it in. Ended up playing for 2 hour plus. Everything felt new and fresh to me, even though I had already done it a long time ago. Thats a mark of a great game imo.

Only complaint I have ... spoiler...  ya kill 3 dudes that have dragonbone weapons and before u could get those weapons now u can't!

Love these games! What other games are so big and complex you find new places and items you missed during earlier plays? Check behind every tree and under every rock! They jade me to every other game out.

i love skyrim it never gets has its flaws but still a great game