good survival horror games for october

post says all thanks.


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In this order (my faves)

  1. Dead Space
  2. Alan Wake
  3. Dead Space 2
  4. Dead Island
  5. Bioshock

I've never played any other silent hill games besides Homecoming. Everyone says it sucks, but I seemed to like it. I'd recommend it, but more people seems to recommend Silent Hill Downpour and the HD collection more. I've heard condemned it fun, but I've never played it.

If you haven't played the original Dead Space, you should. It's a game not to be missed.

^I didn't think Downpour was an improvement over Homecoming.  They were both weak IMO.  

The HD collection, though, absolutely... though you might have to have played them at the time of initial release to appreciate them fully.  I can't say how far a role nostalgia plays in enjoying them.

Man, I can't wait for The Evil Within.


I also recommend the Dead Space series. If you play them, be sure to use a gaming headset. The sound design is incredible.

Aside from Dead Space, you should check out State of Decay on the XBLA. It's unforgiving & has a learning curve, but if you're a fan of the survival horror genre, you'll have a blast. It's a very refreshing game to play & experience.

Alan Wake, undoubtedly!

Alan Wake has some scary moments but the story is about as incoherent as some of the users on this forum.  Just plain gobblygook.

State of Decay is the scariest game of all time.You have a number of allies that you can recruit and play as when your character gets fatigued and needs a rest.The world has limited resources-cars,gasoline,food,and weapons.The constant need for these things means you cant just sit in your safehouse and waste time-you need to get out and find them,along with any other survivors you can add to your crew.The catch is this.If a survivor dies that person is lost permanently.There is no reloading of checkpoints.So each time a player leaves home could be literally their last.Absolutely terrifying.