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What are some good on demand games that are worth $30?  I have 2500 MS points and I'm looking for something to keep me occupied for some time.


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I dont know about 30.00 but The Orange Box is well worth 20.00. Especially since Gamestop still charges 25.00 to 30.00 for it used. This gives you Portal, Half Life 2, HL2 Episode 1, HL2 Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2 all for 20 bucks.

There are tons of game to choose from, best bet is to go to the Game Marketplace, under On Demand titles sort it by Highest Rated.

The only On Demand Games I purchased were the 3 that I can't get on Disk.  Resident Evil 4 & Code Veronica are both $20 & Crysis 1 is $20 (I bought it for $10 tho).

If I had a lot of extra money to blow I would buy another 320GB HDD & download all my favorite titles to it.  Although I don't want everything to go all digital, it is cool having the Quick Launch option available instead of swapping discs when i'm on a video game session marathon.

If you ask me, those games are way too expensive and aren't worth it yet. ANd they'll eat the space on your hard drive.

Well I'm pretty sure you cannot buy a GOD with MS points. You need Good ol plastic for that.

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Well I'm pretty sure you cannot buy a GOD with MS points. 


Actually you can use points. Somewhere during the process you will see a prompt at the bottom of the screen saying purchase with microsoft points hit X. 

Yeah, press X before purchase to switch between $$$ to MSP.

I was laughing at my friend the other week who added 1600MSP to his account to download L4D2 on Demand that was on sale.  He got me in a chat & was telling me that he added points & made the purchase but didn't lose any of his MSP.  He got all excited thinking he got away with a glitch or something.  

Then I said, "did you press X to switch to MSP?"

He immediately said, "Yea!"

I didn't say anything & gave him a moment.

Next thing he said was, "I guess I owe my brother $20" (it was his CC on the account)


Memory space isn't of concern so I'm not worried about that.  I'm just looking for something fun.  I've tried out a lot of demos but still can't make up my mind.  Anything with both single and multiplayer that still has a strong community?

The original Crysis is a fun single player shooter with some different gameplay than just corridor shooting.

No multiplayer but crysis is a good choice.