good news for campers and dashboarders

the UVA was increased from 350 to 425

and the probation warning  is now 60 sec instead of 5 min

as for the rest of us accept to see more of them now


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 i already noticed fewer U A V's and a lot more corner campers 

wow, 60seconds? Harsh.

Probation should of stayed the way it was.


As for the whole rage quitting, it does get tiring of being the only person left on a team that all dropped because they realized one rage quit and  left them short so now they can't possibly win. If a team is short maned, and you stay the whole game you should get an "impossible odds " stayed after your team quit + 500XP badge.


Although some funny games have been had. I had one, after a full Minute of host migrations I hit select to see it was down to me and one other player against 6.  I immediately gave up, went ghost with silencer and engaged in guerrilla warfare.  Kill a person, Bettie that location. Run, kill another.  "Cap a flag " wait, kill the the rushers, booby trap corners.  Rinse, repeat.  Sentry gun the back alley... Eventually it was their team that rage quit. Lol