Good guy hacker

So, tell me guys, did this ever happen to you.

Someone hacked my Xbox Live account, I wasn't able to login or anything, after 1 week, he changed my password on how it was before, I login to my newly bought xbox console, and it says "last logged in on different console", so I open the last played with tab and BAM, New games, new people, I didn't play for like 3,4 months, I was about to update my payment so I can watch a show on youtube, I see that the hacker has BOUGHT ME 3 MONTHS OF XBOX LIVE. And he also got me some sweet achievements. Weird story , huh? 

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He also downloaded some stuff

I don't buy it.

You should of contacted XBPS (Xbox Phone Support) the second your account was hijacked, and I think you still can though.

I like it the way it is now, let him play, it's the last I can do for him buying me 3 months.

It's true Hell, I don't have enough money for a sub now.

But I'll call

I'd be careful. You don't need your information stolen. CC and what not. Nobody hacks accounts to "do nice things"

Lol wow

How did your account randomly get hacked? I dont think people can just hack any account they want.

Yes they can hack whatever they want if they know what they are doing. You SHOULD contact Xbox support, change your password that is associated with your live account and change the password for your email that is also associated with your windows live account. I am speaking from experience here. My account was hacked and he was actually able to change all of my billing info. He was actually a little stupid though- he never changed my password and he actually put all of his real info in the billing contact info(Even his real phone number). What a dummy. But, not all hackers are this stupid. I will now only use a prepaid credit card on my account with enough money only for my subscription. Be careful, cuz today its your xbox account, tomorrow it might be your identity.  Be smart and change your passwords often.