Good Games to try out?

What are some good games that I can try out right now? Im looking into crysis 2 or homefront right now.


Games I have:

Halo3, ODST

Assassins creeds

Gears of war 1,2

All Cods


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Out of Crysis 2 and Homefront, chose Crysis 2.  It's a much better game.

Ok thanks. But really im open to seggestions for any other game

Don't get Crysis 2 or Homefront. Both bad games, at least for multiplayer.

Im pretty interested in some good games as well. Im pretty new to xbox.

I was thinking about trying Homefront but all I hear is bad reviews etc..

- Battlefield: Bad Company 2

- Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

- Super Street Fighter 4 (for the multiplayer)