Good game but elite is going to ruin it

So far I really like this game.

However they did just rubber stamp the muti player and I think I have only played on 4 or 5 maps since release day.

Seems like every map I have played reminds me of one from MW2.

I was hoping the new team killstreak? would stop K/D *** from camping in objective based games but it seems to have gotten worse.

Which sucks cause the contests that Elite have will only make it worse. I remeber during the beta they had one for kills with a flamethrower. I noticed a bunch of people just running around killing people with the flamethrower and not playing the objective

I really think this going to be the last FPS I buy that has actavison involed in it.

As for hackers all I have seen so far is lag switching but they had to be little kids .

They tend to let freeze to long easy to spot




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I want more open maps like Bog, Ambush, Overgrown, Terminal and Afghan, not small maps where you spawn and BANG, spawn killed!