Golden Tiles, leaving the gold for last

On Golden Tiles, if you leave only golden tiles (at least 2 sets) until the very last, the game ends before you can click the last set.


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Hi CroppedComb0,

Is that for today's Golden Tiles Daily Challenge?  What operating system are you playing the game on?  And on what type of device?

Thank you,

Feb 21st, although it has done the same thing on previous dates.

i have never seen this happening in the same situation in my laptop.

i do remember finishing with 2 golden tiles only on the board

i thought you got game complete screen

but better luck next time is not good sign of the game.

next time i will try to reproduce this problem and report.

but again rarely i had to clear all other tiles in golden tiles game

i played the same date game and does the same thing as of OP

it gives a message you ran out of matches while two perfectly matching golden tiles are present on the board.

i will try some other date golden tiles and see if the problem is with only this game.

6 feb golden tiles played ok for last 2 golden tiles.

There is an achievement for leaving the last two golden tiles for last, but this bug occurs when you leave more than one set of golden tiles as the last tiles.

Is this still happening even with the latest update?

It happened today, Feb 28th on the Feb 21st game.

I still cannot get the achievement even though I have left 2 golden tiles as the last pair. I've actually had it as the last pair three times tonight, but the glitch keeps me from getting the achievement. I've even tried un/reinstalling the game before the third time, but that doesn't fix the problem.