Golden Gun Hunter!?

Anyone looking to hunt for golden guns out there msg me or fr me  n we can get some head shots.


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I am looking for the golden guns, too. Maybe we can help each other. Interested? Than feel free to add me.

Greetings from Germany. Dirk

What do you mean hunt for golden guns? Are they like the treasure hunting? I had this game a while ago...but I bought it again yesterday because I never went all the way through it not even close

Sure man send me a msg or add me i might needa delete someone........... but ya yo ill def add u then lets both get gold guns!! im like going thru my second time in legend bro n im lvl 39! so i need gold guns cuz they more accurate n powerful which kinda seems a bit cheap to me but im not complaining until i get the dam gold guns! yo lets do this im on like most nights idk wen u wld be on since u from GERMANY! but thts cool cuz im German! so we cool yo ill add u ya let play yay! get like 100 kills n 100 headshots each thts easy lol not rly! wht lvl r u n did u beat or play much of the game i beat the game a while ago n got to 50 a few times n pretty far in undead nightmare single player! also add me for unead zombs is fun fun fun yo!

I need them golden guns as well...too many people have them on LIVE which makes it impossible for me to kill even after I've shot them a few times...they only have to shoot me once and I'm dead...

yes this is one way of doing it...

completing a set of Weapon Challenges gets you that weapon gold.

you can buy them for the single player

In single player is helps you and multiplayer it just a way to show off.

it takes 175 kills with the weapon plus 175 head shots, I wonder if you can do it with just 175 head shots and include the kills.

golden guns are just like normal guns just a diff color, i dont know who told you they stronger or better thy just for status

You're dead with one shot coz they be shooting you in the head. Considering they have golden guns which requires headshots to acquire them, they are gonna quite good at headshots.


It only takes 100 head shots for the golden guns in multiplayer. the dynamite and fire bottles dont take that many. first its two kills w/ one bottle or stick of tnt. next its 3 kills w/ i bottle or stick. third rank its kill someone carrying a bag during a bag match. Head shots are not that difficult to get. a lot of people think using casual targeting will help them but it does not.