Gold spiky shield - where is it?

I've seen a few phantoms with some gold looking spiky shields and some pretty fancy armour to match - where do I find it ?


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There are 3 spiked shields I can think of - Crystal Shield, Spiky Shield and Crystal Ring Shield.

Have a look here, I think you may be referring to the Spiky Shield, which NPC invader Kirk drops (the phantom that invades in the depths) the second time you encounter him.

thanks Larz

I killed kirk a couple times.


And I noticed when I went back to the chaos convenant to open the shortcut to lost izalith, and I saw a body up against the wall and it was the spike armor that kirk was wearing.


It's boo boo armor, but it does damage to enemies just by rollinging into them. It does VERY little damage though. It did like 11 damage to the zombies in the firelink shrine. So you already know it aint gonna do jack squat to enemies in anor londo or somewhere.


Completely useless, and AGAIN, another armor set that requires the STUPID twinkling titanite.


EVERY friggin armor set I've picked up lately, either one, cant be upgraded at all, or two, requires twinkling titanite.


Why does SOOOOOOO many armor sets need twinkling titanite to be upgraded!? I have more armor sets in my bottleless box that needs twinkling titanite than regular titanite.


Seeing how rare that twinkling titanite is, making upgrading any of that stuff little to non-existant. I would like to for ONCE get a nice and cool looking armor set that requires NORMAL titanite to be upgraded. geez.


I wanted to use the use the ninja armor I found in blight town, and I was all excited to have it even thought it was kinda weak, but I was going to upgrade it, thinking it was gonna use regular titanite.......WRONG!!! It need twinkling...............SERIOUSLY!!??

if you dont mind using a slight exploit, snuggly can trade infinate amount of twinkling titanite, drop red moss or whatever, quit reload ect, but before picking up the twinkling titanite, drop another copy of the item, thus allowing you to get 99 twinkling titanite. haven't dont it yet but i kind of want to.

anyone confirm this?

Nice little exploit..  When you say 'quit' , do you mean a safe normal quite thru the menu or the quicker dirtier way thru the xbox BIG X button?

Hmmm, I will try this on another character or the second play through.

Yes the snuggly thing works, tried it myself to see.