gold peacemaker required for smg diamond camo?

This is a noob question but... I am about 70% completed getting gold camo on the original 6 smgs... and then this peacemaker came out.  Will the game require gold on that as well in order to achieve SMG diamond?  or is it completely separate?  im gonna be very emo if i have to gold that sucker up too  lol

thanks for help, COD fam


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I have diamond smg's except for the peacemaker, make of it what you will.

so based on 2 replies, i have 2 seemingly contradicting answers.... first guy says yes, you need to gold the new say u have diamond without it....   has anyone golded the 6 ORIGINAL smgs AFTER the peacemaker came out that can confirm one way or another?  thanks fam

I cant give you the strait answer you are after, but I will say if you have done the 1st 6 then another 1 shouldn't be much of a problem to you........I just hope I get my AR's diamond before a new one is released :/ lol.

My SMG's were diamond and stayed that way when the peacekeeper was released.  Now I'm working on that

i have all the smg 's with diamond camo 

when the peacekeeper was released it came with standard camo 

all the other smg's stayed diamond

i just have to do the usual 100 h/s  with the p/k  + 150 kills with a bare weapon to get it gold/diamond

From what I understand, IF you had diamond SMGs before the Peacekeeper dropped, it wouldn't reset your diamond camo - complete the Peacekeeper challenges and you unlock diamond for it. Now, if you haven't unlocked diamond before the Peacekeeper, you have to get the gun gold to get all the other SMGs diamond.

Maybe try deleting the DLC just before you get the last of the original SMG's gold.  Then redownload the DLC after you get the originals in diamond.  

I saw this from an interview with developers on the DLC gun

"Anthony: The Peacekeeper does not affect diamond progression for the 6 core submachine guns – they will function exactly as before. If you earn Diamond Camo on the core 6 SMG's, when you earn gold for the Peacekeeper you will then get Diamond for it as well."

So it appears the answer is no.

I read the dlc information and it said the same thing jlee301 days, it doesn't affect other smg's.  Why would they do that if 40% of the population will not get the dlc?  And how would they take away the people who already unlocked the diamond camo for smg's prior to releasing the dlc?

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