Gold Dust?

where on the map is gold dust prevalent? or where can I buy it if u can? do u have to be a certain level to "see" gold dust? thanks.


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Do you mean Glow Dust? Wil-O-Wisps have them.

yeah I meant glow dust, my bad. is there a way to edit that? anyways do u have to be a certain level to come across the Wil-O-Wisps? and are they prevalent in any certain area?

They only start appearing once you hit level 11, then you just gotta check ruins and caves.

I do remember seemingly always running into at least one outside a ruin by the road, can't remember the name but it was near the main road running along the right side of the Niben, near one of the three offshoot rivers.

One place that I remember you needed Glow dust is for Azura's shrine. But two will show up no matter what level you are once you start that quest I think.

Those two only show up when you reach a certain point in the main storyline, they won't show up just for Azure's quest.

Cave south of Cheydinhal that usually has a few out front