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Anybody got a gold code like a trail for 2 days or any kind of gold trail code that is un used that i can use.


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Do you mean trial?

Currently there are no promotions for the free one-month trial, sorry.. more than likely that is due to the fact that there is the Games for Gold promotion running at the moment. Gold members are getting 2 free games a month just for subscribing to the gold service (currently the free game is Halo 3)

Feel free to call Xbox Support and ask them to try out the service for free, you never know what might happen ^_^

Ok thanks and yea I do mean trail

you did it again... it's TRIAL - not a trail on which you hike upon.  

yep no problem!! More than likely it will be on the front page if there's any free promotion


or like trail mix... yum :3

Not sure if you know this, but transferring any codes over Xbox Live is against the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. If you do receive a code for Microsoft-related items such as, Gold Memberships, or game items, do not accept the offer. The Xbox Live Enforcement Team can easily find out you are transferring this over Xbox Live. I want you and every gamer to stay safe and have fun on Xbox Live. Just notifying you! :)

Enjoy gaming! :)