Gold Clan Tag Issues

When I 1st started playing Black Ops 2 with my clan, we all had access to gold clan tags despite not being a level 10 clan in BO2 yet, which is a requirement according to Call of Duty Elite. Also, some clan members gold tags fluctuate & don't always show up as gold while at other times they do. I figured this might be a glitch in the system because despite being at a high enough level now, the fluctuating gold clan tag issue is still well, an issue. I've checked multiple support sites for info on this & although I've found other players with similar issues, I have yet to find a solution, if any. Please let me know if you have any insight into this problem.


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you need to reach a level to unluck it. its like public match.

It's a gold clan tag, how badly do you really need it?  That being said, Elite has had a lot of issues recently that I'm sure they're trying to fix.  Be patient.

@TentedCrawdad88 - Did you even read my post? You absolutely failed to be helpful...


@Trollin Thunder - We don't really need it & most of the time we have it so it isn't really a big deal, but we do like to "represent" & give other players something to think about when they enter our lobby full of APC members. It also proves that we're an actual clan (for what that's worth) & not a bunch of liars, copy-cats. or fan-boys...

Make sure they have it typed in exactly as it appears on the Elite website and if that doesn't work then it's probably just Elite being Elite. Although I can't tell you how many times people trash talk the team I run with because we don't use Elite when they do and we usually beat them badly, so sometimes it's not so great to draw all that attention to yourself.

What my team & I like to do is turn off our clan tags. That way when the lobby is full & the final countdown starts, we'll turn them all back on so everyone can see the golden APC clan tag & have an "oh crap!" kind of moment. The reaction of people either going "ah man!" or simply leaving the lobby is always good for a laugh.

Hmmm you have a clan Geek? Fancy a friendly 3v3 or even upto a 6v6 ? Don't know if it's even doable on this game as it seems to laugh in the face of fibre optic super speed connections :)

If you're running on a fiber optic super speed connection, then I'll likely lose, but sure... Why not? I'll have to see who's available & when, but aside from clan ops over the weekend, my guys are pretty flexible. Give me a chance to talk to them later tonight after my class & we'll see how things go from there.

Okay cokey.  I only ask that you take it easy on us :p

What about a 1 vs 1?

No, I don't do 1v1s Uneasy; I find they're boring & not really a show of overall skill. Working great together as a team on the other hand... I'm all for it. However, if you come hang out with me & my clan, I know some of them love to do 1v1s & have even gone so far as having it say so in their BO2 emblems.