going to get back into this....

what is up with this patch i keep hearing about, and its been about two months since ive played ...how do i get to the second bell?


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To get to the second bell you need to go into blightown. You can get here 3 ways:

  1. The least treacherous: if you have the masterkey, you can just open a gate in new londo ruins, which leads to a cave into blightown.
  2. You can run through the valley of the drakes to the cave. You will encounter some smaller dragons and an undead poison dragon. There is a valuable shield as well an a good straight sword the dragon is guarding. Note, you will die if you grab them. It's worth it if You think you can touch your bloodstain after you die. Once you go through this cave an enter blightown the first chest you see will contain the key to the new londo ruins door.
  3. If you're in the depths, the boss of the area will drop a key to the large door to blightown via the depths. To get there after you beat the boss, simply retrace your steps until you find a gated off are that has been broken through. This will contain the large door, as well a valuable merchant who sells boss armor (after you defeat them of course). This is a longer and more treacherous route to the second bell, but there are valuable items on the scaffolding. These include the ninja armor, a katana-esque weapon, the smallest greatshield (has good lightning damage reduction) and a pyromancy spell.

At the bottom of the swam you will see a large white mound with strange spikes sticking out of it. Inside this mound is the boss you need to beat to ring the second bell. She is a fire-based boss, so pyromancies are useless against her. There is a bonfire at the bottom of the swamp in a sewer pipe. If you are/become human and leave the sewer to the right, an black phantom NPC will invade you. She is not very strong, but she drops 3 humanity and a giant cleaver. She also can be summoned to help you fight the boss, queen witch quelagg.


The patch increased the amount of summon signs you see. Pre-patch, they were pretty rare to see. Post patch, you see a lot more summon signs, however a lot of them still say "summoning failed". With so many signs though, you're bound to find one that works.


If you need to know anything else, post some more questions. I hope I didn't spoil anything for you! Good luck!

no...nothing spoiled. i do believe i chose the master key as my gift. is blight town the dakrer place beneath the firelink shrine? you know the place that has the ghosts on the bridge? havent gone there yet...got scared of the ghosts. lol.

i remeber runnng into some small dragons before i took a break from this game. they kicked my @@@ with lightning if i remember correctly.

Yup, thats them. Sorry, I forgot to tell you the longer way to the valley of the drakes! You get there through a long cave and elevator at the bottom of the darkroot basin. It is guarded by a black knight. I didn't even fight the smaller dragons, I just made a dash for the undead dragon. If you have the master key, that would be the way to go.

For me it's been out of question to access Blighttown via Valley Of Drakes or New Londo Ruins. Should be mentioned that the way it's meant to be leads through the depths.

...and, no, the place with the ghosts is New Londo Ruins! You'll be sent there later in the game. But if you take the elevator down to New Londo Ruins from Firelink Shrine and you axit that elevator and pass the first undead enemy into some opened space take a sharp right and you'll eventually find another elevator which brings you to the shortcut to Blighttown through the Valley Of Drakes.

The valley of the drakes run is really easy, as you only have to dodge two enemies and they can not follow you far. I am a heavy character so I ran through there bare naked!

thanks guys.