Going for a high win streak. 25+ possibly up to 100 wins.

Going for a high win streak , if you want to be in let me know and we can group up and do this. We'll play TDM because it's by far the easiest to win and probally the quickest. Note. I'm still new (lv 25) and don't know all the maps and stuff, but I did this in the first black ops and it was pretty easy. To be in team you just have to be decent. You don't have to be super pro but just play smart. ANYONE With a KD of 1.0 and WL of 1.0 can join.

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And need to be from aus, NZ or around that area, for good connection.

Just a heads up. Wins streaks are often ended because other people get host then dashboard.

Oh yeah that the annoying thing about black ops 2, when someone dashboards, you get a loss...

Thats nothing new to COD, its been the same for like 7 years straight.

Will be tough dude.Im currently rocking a .66 W/L in Dom,Be easier if you can get a full team though.

Done this in CoD4 on team tac, got to 150+ wins in a row before boredom took over. Wouldn't even attempt it on Bo2. As others said between  host dashboarding it and getting put into a 190-0 hq game with 30 secs left the chances of decent streaks is low. If you must try your on the right track with trying to get a team together :)

I can't count how many times I've been dashboarded on.


it wont work.