going down in the taurus demon tower instead of up...

if you have a master key you can open a door and go down 3 or four levels. at the bottom is a door and a hulking silver dude with i gian *** sword. lol . was just wandering if any one happens to know. what is behind the door and also what kind of loot does he drop? i almost had him down but then i got a warning saying my drake sword was about to break. i didnt want to  lose that so i tried using my pyromancy and slipped up and got killed in one shot. damn it!


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My brother is using thief and have the master key and enter that spiral stairs and he kill that silver knight  with the huge mallet with a lot of bombs and if you have the pine resin apply that to your weapon that kill quick the knight.

drops a nice ring, the door behind him leads to darkroot basin/forest i think. need a key or the masterkey i think to unlock the door he guards.

You need the Undead Burg Basement key or Master Key in order to open both of the doors leading to him. The one he is guarding leads to the Darkroot Basin, right by the Hydra. When you kill Havel, he drops Havel's ring, which GREATLY increases your equip load. Its infinitely worth it, i can roll and move so fast in Silver Knight Armor now.

Must have ring, he isnt to hard but can 1 shot you depending on your lvl an eq. I suggest rolling and dodging to the right. You can also find his Havels key if you kill the moonlight boss in Darkroot.

awesome thanks for the info.