Going after the objectives!

In your opinion how many hours should it take for every 100,000 points added to objectives points?  100 hours for 100,000 objective points?  Just curious the ball park figure it should be for a mad man going after the objectives.  Also which game mode in your opinion gets ya more objective points per hour rush or cq?  Rush in the old days was the winner for massive points.  Wasn't it 300 for first load of c4 then a reload and dump more c4 for another 300 besides crate armed another 250.  Thats a quick 850 in the old days.


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Pretty sure you can make more objective points playing conquest... When I see people with a high objective score, they're basically always conquest players.

Seems to me, this is just a thread for you to say no one runs for the objective.  I find these kind of topics manipulative.  Either they want everyone to run in so they can shoot them. Or they want everyone  to run up and be fodder while they get the obj score.

I find it amusing when people cry about an objective when the team is moving up in a calculated way. A win is a win.  Military shooters are to have some forum of strategy, not just run and gun... You have halo and cod for running and gunning.

I think one should get more objective points , to make sure that ppl understood what the game is about.

And in my experience...... tons more objective points in rush

don't play much rush. but 100,000 for 100 hrs is decent. mine is like 136,000 per 100. Someone who plays a lot of rush and goes for the objective a lot might be able to tell you more about rush scoring. 100,000 per 100 is good though.

As an avid rush player...MAYBE with a good squad you could achieve this, but you'd have to be the go to guy for arming the objective

I have 329hrs played and 416 000 objective points and I usually only play HC rush. You have to defend a lot of mcoms and attack a lot of mcoms though. I always stick C4 on the objective before arming so I can get some extra kills and a few extra objective points.

Not trying to show off.

But have 1.8m after 1.3k hours. The objective score shoots into the sky, every time i play rush. But since i like cq better (more choises about playing style), my objective score have sort of been at the same level, for a while, because of that.

I get objective points in cq too. But nowhere near as much as when playing rush

I usually get 2-3k objective points for every rush-attack round i play, i guess.

The fun is when playing rush with the guys from the forums (here or uxf). They know that the game is objectivebased (instead of sitting back to snipe), so there will be a rush for the crates. Hard to get any points then. But fun to play that way. Because most ppl don't understand that the game is objective based

So..... they ragequit. And that is not that much fun.

Then we have to start launching vehicles, or go find a new game