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What We Offer:

-Laid-Back Mature Gaming Community recognized by www.PaybackGames.com and www.AmpdUpGaming.com.

-Our Three Flag Ship Games are: Halo Reach, Call of Duty, and Bad Company 2. But many unofficial groups in (Halo 3, Crysis 2, and coming soon divisions in Gears of War 3, and Halo: CE).

-18+ Age Restriction

-Daily Tournaments, Contests, Competitions for FREE PRIZES.

-A Semi-Open Source website that includes: an interactive online calendar (that allows the user to post their own events for impromptu meets -- On top of our regular scheduled meets for Halo Reach and Black Ops), top of the line phpBB 3.0.8 forums, and chatroom.

-An additional Multimedia Site (www.igameordie.com/iblog) that allows our members to post blogs, movie/game reviews, game hype (anticipation pieces), comedy or just complete randomness! Anything they want Anytime they want! No HTML/Coding experience required. Creativity and Innovation a Must!

-Loose Ranking Structure (not in line with the 'conventional' ranks that allow higher members to treat lower members as "peons") -- ranking structure is in place to ensure efficiency and high productivity to give the gamer the most comprehensive experience from an online gaming community.

-3 Simple Loose/BUT FIRM rules:

1. When someone says Stop. Stop.

2. No Modding/Cheating/Racism/Sexism

3. Use common sense.


Main Website:


Multimedia Website:







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when applying say you got referred by SkiLLz/xbox site

expanding to GOW3 and BF3, still looking for BLOPS MW3 HALO and many more games.

come join the GoDs

new flyer updated with new added divisions 

many ongoing contests for fellow members. prizes like choose your xbox game prize Microsoft points and many more!

active forums come check us out

sounds v cool, but im prob far to much of a cr*p player to be of any use, as only just starting on black ops lol, still going to go check the site out tho

we cater to all types of gameplay. come check us out and join us on one of our game nights