God Mode back and better than ever!!



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Third person BF3... lookin good. (that is a joke)

I'm pretty sure that's PC.  I noticed some chat boxes pop up.


PC is always a little f'ked up.  Zehq posted a PC hackers profile and he had 12,000 SPM in 3 hours played.

Me and a friend found a guy in SDM who could'nt be killed by anything not even nades or launchers

playing a match on ziba tower last night and in one of the areas near a stairwell noone could die for a few minutes, there was about 6 of us throwing grenades and c4 trying to kill each other

This guy does not hack. Just going to state that.

What a balzac.  I wanted to reach in and smack his pitiful az across the room.  deffo PC, commorose, chat box, huge player list....