Go for it

The game is $60

The DLC is around 30-40$ for a years worth.

You're basically paying the same price whether you wait or not.

Why wait when you could have it ALL paid for already? 



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Im getting the Halo 4 Console now lol :)

I'd get it to, but.... I don't see a reason to get another limited edition Halo xbox. I got the Halo: Reach Limited Xbox. Lol. I guess i'm being cheap? Meh.

Halo 4 ($65)
Map Pack 1 ($20)
Map Pack 2 ($20)
Map Pack 3 ($20)

Total: $125

HALO 4 Limited Edition ($113) [Includes all 3 map packs]

Total: $113

In addition to it being cheaper in the long run, you get all the bonuses from the Limited that wouldn't come with the standard game.

Actually a season pass for all 3 War Games map packs has been confirmed for $25 so if you don't care for all the little extra canon info and the live action series you don't have to buy the LE and save money.

Because a lot of people, including me, don't want DLC map packs.