Gnasher Patched?

Okay so when I started to play mp, I used the sos. So I got use to blind firing all the time. I'm now an exclusive gnasher user and still blind fire all the time. But lately I noticed it takes more shots to down someone. Is it just me that noticed that?


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I haven't noticed anything. Were you up close when you shot the other person?

Step ya game up. I was using it yesterday and it was body after body for me.

Gnasher is fine, u were just a lil off that day.

I usually fight like 10 feet a way and do fine. Probably but to me the spray seems different to...

It does seem to me that aiming causes more damage now, as in the past blindfiring did.

I only ever use the Sawed-Off its the best gun in this game I've pretty much became so skillfull with it nobody can touch me !

^Obvious troll.

Gnasher and Sawed-Off still work the same as they always did for me. However I have noticed that during events that gave you the Gnasher it did seem to do an excessive amount of damage compared to normal game modes, which in a way was an exciting treat.