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Hi, new to this forum and game, been playing for a few days only so far, but liking it loads. i do however have a minor itch i cant seem to scratch in that i constantly seem to find regular occurances where i can pummel loads of Lancer rounds into an oncoming enemy who simply spring-rolls forward and blows my head clean off (or to bits) with one single Gnasher shot!


Is there a trick to this because i have crept up behind an enemy and pulled the trigger which obviously hit him, but he took another two point-blank shots before he fired one and killed me?!?! No it wasnt a Sawn-Off either.


Its likely that i'm just a noob and havent got the hang of it, but i've tried a private match to get some practise in which didnt work (the AI bots can be just as hard as normal players!!) so any hints or tips will be useful, thanks.


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Yeah, the weapons in Gears take some getting used to, especially the Gnasher. My best advice is to keep practicing. Try zooming in with the Gnasher if you arent by pulling LT. This will tighten up your spread a lot and will help you get more 1 shot kills. Do this as soon as you come up on a person or come out of a roll and you should be able to be like them soon enough. Gears is more of a game of skill than a lot of other shooters out there so "practice makes perfect" is a perfect fit here.

Try shooting the charging players in the knees.  If you use an active reload, you'll put them down pretty quickly.  I know it sounds strange to actually aim for the knees, but trust me, it works.  Do yourself a favor and practice it in a private match first though, get your aim right and stay in cover.  Don't stand there and try to out shoot them.  Post up behind a wall or in a doorway and use the cover to its full advantage.  Especially when you're playing against the AI.  It's a lot harder for an opponent to kill you this way.  Another little word of advice... when sneaking up behind somebody with a Lancer, use the chainsaw.  It prevents them from turning on you with a shotgun and blowing your face off.  As far as skills go.... I wouldn't call Gears a game that requires a ton of it.  You need strategy more than anything.  Most of your kills will be up close and personal which kind of eliminates the need to fine tune your aiming skills.  Shotguns rule this game.

Lancer is much more powerful on active reload than not, so aim for always shooting that way. And as said, it does have stopping power, so you can halt people trying to rush you, and put them down.